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“Stealth Syndromes”

Imagine having a complex debilitating syndrome that affects nearly every part of your body.  Because it’s invisible, and almost nobody has heard of it, you look like a hypochondriac.  Now imagine having three such syndromes that exacerbate one another.  

Welcome to ‘The Triad’

This film demystifies three interlinked syndromes that are common and treatable, but often needlessly devastating, due to lack of recognition.  It explains underlying root causes, why most doctors miss it, effective treatments, and the ironic price paid by physicians who treat these complex conditions.

We are the patients and physicians raising awareness to end unnecessary suffering.  Please consider supporting our documentary: “Stealth Syndromes”.

Our Mission

We are creating a documentary film and free online educational library to promote wider awareness and physician education about three complex chronic conditions, described below. With better recognition, patients can get treatment and hope for a better quality of life.

Our Team

The film will be produced by the LDN Research Trust. This charity organization is raising funds that can be tax deductible in the USA and UK. The production team comprises Leonard Weinstock MD, Tania Dempsey MD, Linda Bluestein MD, Laurence Kinsella MD, Jill Brook MS, Linda Elsegood and Robert Jones.

The Triad Of Conditions

The film will explain the following interconnected chronic conditions:

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)

Mast cells are primitive immune cells located all over the body, which can release different inflammatory chemicals into surrounding tissues when they detect a threat. They are famously involved with allergic responses and anaphylaxis (their best known chemicals being histamines), but they can also have numerous other effects, depending which chemicals are released and where. In MCAS, the mast cells are ‘trigger-happy’, inappropriately releasing chemicals in response to all sorts of triggers, ranging from foods, mold, infections, odors, temperature changes, mechanical pressure, vibration or even just stress. Symptoms vary depending on the location of the affected mast cells and types of chemicals released.


Think of all the things your body does for you automatically: digestion, temperature control, circulation, and much more. When those things don’t function properly, that’s dysautonomia. The most common form of dysautonomia in The Triad is POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), which is difficulty being upright, because the body isn’t doing a good job automatically adjusting to gravity when the body changes positions. In a nutshell, the body ‘can’t stand standing’ because not enough circulation reaches the brain, leading to dizziness, racing heart, weakness, brain fog and many other symptoms. POTS patients commonly have other assorted manifestations of dysautonomia too, such as problems with digestion. MCAS has several different mechanisms by which it may cause or exacerbate POTS and dysautonomia.

Hypermobility Syndromes

Hypermobility syndromes range from symptomatic joint hypermobility to genetic connective tissue disorders. In one such syndrome, hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hEDS), patients have faulty connective tissue — the body’s “scaffolding” — making it overly weak, fragile and/or stretchy. This can result in unstable joints, droopy intestines, floppy blood vessels, poor wound healing and many other symptoms secondary to these structural problems. People with hypermobility often make great gymnasts or dancers due to their joint flexibility, however life with hypermobile joints typically gets painful over time due to accumulated injury. Several chemicals released by mast cells are shown to contribute to connective tissue problems. Sagging veins, in turn, may contribute to POTS and weak mast cell membranes may contribute to inappropriate release of mast cell chemicals.

In Summary

See how this is all interconnected and what a complex-but-fascinating situation we have here?!  There is much more to it, and we hope you’ll consider supporting our film so we can educate the world that these patients are not imagining things.  They have real issues that have real effective treatments.  Awareness and treatment can bring an end to so much suffering.

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